Herzing BUSINESS 206 – Research and investment of considerable

After two years of research and investment of considerable funds, Coast-to-Coast Co. develops a new product that it hopes will produce substantial profits. Coast to Coast Co. learns that a competitor, National Sales Inc has made and begun to sell a nearly identical product. Coast to Coast learns from a reliable source that National paid a Coast to Coast employee to obtain the plans for Coast’s product while it was in development. Describe and analyze the legal recourse Coast to Coast would have against National. Here you would want to think about convergence and trespass to personal property. Explain why you would have chosen convergence, and you do this by first outlining the elements of convergence and then taken the facts of your case here, the elements and Coast to Coast facts and analyzing each element of convergence against these facts, then come to a conclusion. You will do the same thing with trespass to personal property. What are the elements of trespass personal property and by elements, I mean what is the legal definition of each of these terms, then take the facts of this case against each element one by one and analyze them and then come to a conclusion. MINIMUM 250 WORDS AND ONE REFERENCE

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