George was happy he did so well on his math

George was happy he did so well on his math test after doing poorly on the last one. He knew he had the ability, but just didn’t study last time. This time he felt confident in his ability and his practice of the material. When it comes to math George has developed a:a.Social comparison.b.Mastery-oriented attribution.c.Learned helplessness attribution.d.Gender stereotyped expectation.5 points Question 7By middle childhood, children who hold flexible beliefs about what boys and girls can do:a.Are more likely to be androgynous.b.Are more likely to notice instances of gender discrimination.c.Get more encouragement from teachers to participate in gender-typed activities.d.Show more in-group favoritism.5 points Question 8One factor that can reduce performance on intelligence tests is a child’s anxiety about being negatively judged based on a preconceived expectation of performance for his or her race, culture, or gender, also known as:a.Stereotype threat.b.Knowledge threat.c.Judgment threat.d.Nature threat.5 points Question 9The most common psychological problem experienced by adolescents is:a.Suicidal ideation.b.Anxiety.c.Eating disorders.d.Depression.5 points Question 10Sternberg identified three types of intelligence that work together in various ways, depending on the task at hand. He describe these three types as:a.Logical, spatial, and kinesthetic.b.Mathematical, linguistic, and common sense.c.Analytical, creative, and linguistic.d.Analytical, creative, and practical.5 points Question 11A contributor to obesity in early childhood is:a.Heredity.b.Lack of knowledge about proper nutrition.c.Family stress.d.All of the above.5 points Question 12Research has identified some advantages and disadvantages of being an only child. Overall, only children report:a.Higher self-esteem as compared to children with siblings.b.Higher self-rated personality traits.c.Better ability to negotiate conflict with peers.d.All of the above.5 points Question 13The families of chronically delinquent youth are more often characterized as:a.Low in warmth.b.High in conflict.c….e harsh and inconsistent discipline with low monitoring.d.All of the above.5 points Question 14Effective sex education programs have been shown to delay the age of initiation of sex, and to reduce the frequency of sex and the number of sexual partners. Berk (2014) lists effective elements for sex education programs. Which of the following is NOT considered an effective element of sex education:a.Parents should avoid or delay talking with their children about sex.b.Role-playing techniques for handling potential sexual situations, such as pressure from a date.c.Clear, accurate messages based on an adolescent’s culture and experience.d.Specific and accurate information about contraceptives.5 points Question 15Adolescents who are actively involved in a religious community tend to _______________ their peers who are not involved in religious activities.a.Score higher in empathy and prosocial behavior as compared to.b.To show no significant differences from.c.Score lower in empathy and prosocial behavior as compared to.d.Report a more fragile sense of moral identity as compared to.5 points Question 16Although no one was nearby, Eric tells his mother that she is embarrassing him when she asks about his homework on the way to the car. He checks his hair in the mirror when he gets in the car and worries that someone will see that his hair is out of place. Eric is concerned with:a.His mother’s inappropriate behavior.b.An imaginary audience.c.A personal fable.d.Idealism.5 points Question 17According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the industrialized country with the highest divorce rate is:a.The United Kingdom.b.The United States.c.Sweden.d.Canada.5 points Question 18Olivia is preparing for a Friday test of vocabulary words. On Wednesday, Olivia checks her progress on learning the vocabulary words. She is pleased with how well she has learned some of them, but is having a harder time with others. She decides to look some up on the Internet to get additional help in understanding them. She checks her progress again on Thursday. Olivia is using the process of ____________ to help her reach her goal.a.Cognitive mapping.b.Cognitive self-regulation.c.Whole language approach.d.Phonics approach.5 points Question 19Which of the following about children from divorced parents is NOT accurate?a.Children of high conflict families tend to transition better to a single parent home following divorce.b.Children of low conflict families tend transition better to a single parent home following divorce.c.Children adjust better when parents are able to coparent cooperatively following divorce.d.Children adjust better when they have frequent and warm contact with the noncustodial parent.5 points Question 20As they are developing identities, many adolescents from immigrant cultures experience a clash, or ______________ due to conflicting pressures between family values and the host culture.a.Identity domains.b.Acculturation stress.c.Cultural bias.d.Identity status.5 points

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