George Herbert Mead theorized that learning

Question1 of 20George Herbert Mead theorized that learning to take the role ofthe other entails three stages – the ________ stage, ________stage, and ________ stage.primary; secondary; tertiaryid; ego; superegosensorimotor; preoperational; operationalimitation; play; team gamesQuestion2 of 20Another term used for the stage of development called transitional adulthood, which is between the ages of 18 and 29, is ________.the middle yearsadultolescencethe sandwich generationmid-life crisisQuestion3 of 20A leader of a group whose responsibility is to keep the group moving towards its goal is classified as ________ expressivean instrumentalan authoritariana democraticQuestion4 of 20How do the mass media influence gender roles in contemporary American society?They encourage a sexless society.They encourage women to assume male roles to be successful.They reinforce gender roles considered appropriate for one’s sex.They encourage cross-gender behavior.Question5 of 20What is the proposed source of the six specific emotions that Paul Ekman identified as being present in all cultures?Social environmentGenesCommon cultural values held worldwideIntellectual capabilityQuestion6 of 20What discovery did Skeels and Dye make when they administered intelligence tests to a sample of orphans cared for by trained professionals in a “good” orphanage and to a second sample of orphans raised by residents of an institution for mentally impaired women?The orphans raised by the mentally impaired scored an average of 25 points lower than those raised by trained professionals.The orphans raised by the mentally impaired scored an average of 28 points higher than those raised by trained professionals.No difference was found in the scores of the orphans raised by the mentally impaired compared to those raised by trained professionals.The orphans raised by the mentally impaired women scored an average of 47 points lower than those raised by trained professionals.Question7 of 20Kody is a member of the L.A. Crips. The other gangs in his territory are the Bloods and Satan’s Slaves. Kody feels very antagonistic towards the Bloods and the Slaves. For Kody, these two rival gangs are ________.reference groupssocial networkssecondary groupsout-groupsQuestion8 of 20The sociologist who studied feral children, including the abused child Isabelle discovered in 1938 living in an attic with her deaf-mute mother, was ________.Michael BurawoyKingsley DavisWilbert MooreHerbert GansQuestion9 of 20Sociologically, what term best applies to a group of people who share no common destination taking an elevator from the first floor of a large high rise?A social frameA categoryAn aggregateA cliqueQuestion10 of 20Based on studies of isolated and institutionalized children, what is the key variable in acquiring the basic human traits you take for granted?Biological makeupBasic intelligenceIntimate early social interactionStrict disciplineQuestion11 of 20Of the following traits and abilities, which one would George Herbert Mead consider most essential for an individual to be a full-fledged member of society?The ability to take the role of anotherAn average or above-average IQA well-developed idhe influence of positive peersQuestion12 of 20What did the Harlow experiment conclude was the key to infant-mother bonding?Peer socializationFeeding and groomingIntimate social contactIntellectual developmentQuestion13 of 20Morris is 3-years-old and is just beginning to talk. He can count to 10, but he is not altogether sure what numbers actually mean. According to Piaget, Morris is in the ________ stage.sensorimotorconcrete operationalpreoperationalformal operationalQuestion14 of 20The research in the early 1960s using rhesus monkeys to demonstrate the importance of intimate physical contact in the rearing of animals was conducted by ________.Sheldon and Eleanor GlueckWilliam and Helen ThomasHarry and Margaret HarlowWilliam and Virginia MastersQuestion15 of 20In Freud’s theory, what part of the personality represents the pleasure-seeking aspect, demanding immediate fulfillment of basic needs such as attention, food, safety, and sex?IdEgoSuperegoLibidoQuestion16 of 20In group decision making, a form of tunnel vision that develops in which there is only one “right” viewpoint and suggested alternatives are perceived as signs of disloyalty is called ________.brainwashinggroupthinkmental programminggroup polarizationQuestion17 of 20________ are the social ties that radiate outward from the self and link people together.Cyber socializationsSecondary societiesSocial networksElectronic communitiesQuestion18 of 20The concept of “groupthink” was developed by ________.Solomon AschStanley MilgramIrving JanisGeorg SimmelQuestion19 of 20Which phrase became synonymous with the research Stanley Milgram conducted on “the small world phenomenon”?The world is a stageSix degrees of separationSociety as the sum of its partsSituations defined as real are real in their consequencesQuestion20 of 20Jane, Mark, Courtney, and Kelly are enrolled in the 8 a.m. sociology course at their college. After studying together for the first test, they started sitting together in class and chose to work together on group projects. During spring break, they decided to go on a trip as a group. These four students are members of aggregatea reference groupa cliquea secondary group

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