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GC HLT362 Week 1 Dq 1 & Dq 2 Latest 2016 Aprildq 1How can graphics and/or statistics be used to misrepresent data? Where have you seen this done?dq 2What are the characteristics of a population for which it would be appropriate to use mean/median/mode? When would the characteristics of a population make them inappropriate to use?GC HLT362 Week 2 Dq 1 & Dq 2 Latest 2016 Aprildq 1Explain the importance of random sampling. What problems/limitations could prevent a truly random sampling and how can they be prevented?dq 2Explain each sampling technique discussed in the “Visual Learner: Statistics” in your own words, and give examples of when each technique would be appropriate.GC HLT362 Week 3 Dq 1 & Dq 2 Latest 2016 Aprildq 1Explain when a z-test would be appropriate over a t-test.dq 2Researchers routinely choose an alpha level of 0.05 for testing their hypotheses. What are some experiments for which you might want a lower alpha level (e.g., 0.01)? What are some situations in which you might accept a higher level (e.g., 0.1)?GC HLT362 Week 4 Dq 1 & Dq 2 Latest 2016 Aprildq 1How would you explain the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before?dq 2What is an interaction? Describe an example and identify the variables within your population (work, social, academic, etc.) for which you might expect interactions?GC HLT362 Week 5 Dq 1 & Dq 2 Latest 2016 Aprildq 1Describe the error in the conclusion. Given: There is a linear correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked and the pulse rate. As the number of cigarettes increases the pulse rate increases. Conclusion: Cigarettes cause the pulse rate to increase.dq 2Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts of statistics, what are some examples of when you have seen or heard statistics used inappropriately?

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