Florida PSF 4106 – Correctional Facility Hostage Barricade

Case Study:Correctional Facility Hostage BarricadeThe following assignment is a case study of an actual hostage barricade incident. Names andlocations have been redacted. Your job is to assess the situation and provide an accurateevaluation, describe the process and procedures you would use to resolve the situation, anddemonstrate the acquired knowledge of crisis negations from this course. I want you toexplicitly spell out to me the communication tactics you would use, describe the negotiationprocess and why it works, discuss alternative to negotiation, explain the role of the team youchoose for the scenario, etc. Get creative in your analysis and justification of why you arechoosing specific tactics. Back up your assessment with empirical sources.Requirements:- Content/body of the paper should be a minimum of 10 pages long- APA format, including cover page, abstract, reference list (Total of 13 pages)- Proper APA in-body citations- Must be demonstrated in your paper:o Describe communication tactics you would useo Describe the negotiation process and why it workso Discuss alternatives to negotiationo Discuss influence and persuasion tacticso Explain the role of the team you choose for the scenarioo Discuss solutions, goals, and “bargaining chips” SCENARIO:It is 12:00 PM and you are being called in to negotiate and assist in the resolution of a hostagebarricade incident at Jones State Correctional Facility. You are the lead negotiator, and youmust assemble a team to respond to the critical incident.Background*Intelligence at this point is limited, and the following has been gathered to assist you and yourteam:4:00 AM Marshall and Dave reported to their normal kitchen duties within their housing unit,Harvey Unit. Over an unknown period of time, Marshall constructed a “shiv” out of anindustrial kitchen spoon. Marshall and Dave used the weapon to attack a male CorrectionOfficer, who was solo guarding the kitchen inmates and civilian staff. Marshall took theofficer’s uniform, shaved his goatee, and changed into the uniform.Marshall and Dave apparently knew the rotation of the guard’s schedule. Marshall, wearing theofficer’s uniform, approached the Harvey Tower door at shift change around 5:00 AM. Harvey Tower is the only armed tower at Jones Correctional Facility that overlooks the most violentinmates on the grounds. Two Correction Officers were manning the tower when Marshallknocked on the door. The two officers let Marshall in without showing proper credentials inviolation of Department of Corrections (DOC) policy. Marshall and Dave immediately stormedthe tower, gained control of the two officers, and obtained an AR-15 assault rifle. Marshall andDave promptly locked the tower door, barricaded it with a desk, and tied up the two officers.Hostages- One female Correction Officer- One male Correction OfficerLocation of barricade- Harvey Tower: The tower was constructed to be the highest point of JonesPrison. This vantage point allows Correction Officers to use deadly force ifneeded.- As a security precaution, the tower only locks from the inside and cannot beopened from the outside.- Tower is encased with bulletproof glass.- Based on construction of tower, SWAT has indicated that a tactical responsewould be difficult to attempt and preserve the lives of the two correctionofficers.Initial Demands- Marshall and Dave contacted the Investigative Division inside Jones State Facilitythrough a phone in the tower. Their initial demands were:1. Talk to the Governor of the state2. Talk to Warden D’Jigillo Jones3. Helicopter with a radio, police scanner, guns, and money4. Handcuff key (Jones State policy makes giving a handcuff key to aninmate a non-negotiable, no matter what the circumstance)5. Talk to their family members, who reside in states across the countryInitial Statements Made by Hostage Takers- “I’ll continue raping this b*%^& until we get what we want!”- “We are only coming out in a body bag or with our demands met!”- “Better start making this quick, otherwise we’re sending out one of this prick’sfingers every hour”Bio of Hostage Takers- Marshallo Incarcerated for armed robbery and ten counts of aggravated assault(during robberies, wore body armor)o Incarcerated since 2000 – o Was in an isolated unit due to numerous threats on his life while at JonesStateo Clinically diagnosed as antisocialDaveo Incarcerated for armed robbery and serial sexual assaults.o Serving a life sentence and incarcerated in 1997o Prison staff psychologist has indicated Dave shows signs of psychopathy,but he has not been clinically diagnosed.o Has had multiple violent incidents with inmates since incarceration.

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