Final Project-Math 1150-Elementary Statistics

Math 1150 – Elementary Statistics
Final Project
For this assignment you will again develop and test a formal
hypothesis using a statistical
method appropriate to your research question.
For this project we will again be working through the
scientific method: Develop a research question Construct a hypothesis Design an
experiment or study Collect Data Carry out a hypothesis test Interpret the
Essentially you will be completing Group Project 3
(including any needed supporting work from
Group Projects 1 and 2) again BUT with NEW data AND this
project will be completed
INDIVIDUALLY so that I can verify that everyone can complete
any step of the process on their
own. You are certainly welcome to design and administer
another survey to collect you data for
this Final Project BUT you can also use existing data from a
database that was collected by
someone else. That is just that much less you have to do.
While the methods used for Group
Project 3 (t-tests and Z-tests for means and proportions)
will be the most familiar to you, you are
welcome to use ANY of vthe methods discussed in the course.
These include not only t-tests and
Z-tests for means and proportions but also Chi-Squared
tests, ANOVA, and t-tests on regression
Remember that you may find data by collecting or measuring
it yourself, or using data from a
database collected by someone else. Be sure that you have
enough data to draw meaningful
Here are some websites that contain raw data but you are
welcome to use other sources of data
such a sports or financial data.
Integrated Public Use Microdata Series
U.S. Census Bureau
Carnegie Mellon Data and Story Library
U.S. Geological Survey http://usa.ipums…./usa/
http://www… National Historical Geographic
Information System https://www.nhgis…./
Minnesota Population Center: Just as with each of the previous
group projects, you will submit a word document that contains
your writing as well as charts, graphs, tables, and
statistical output that was created in other
programs and copied and pasted into your word document.
Since this will be an INDIVIDUAL
project, there is no specific need for you to work on the
Google Drive for this one. Use the APA
Template posted in Moodle as a MS Word file type posted
under the Final Project block for this
project, it has all the headings and formatting done for
Here are some notes for this assignment specifically: I am
NOT expecting you to do
background research (ie. Literature Review) for this
project, unless you really want to.
In your Purpose section you will develop a “testable”
hypothesis in your “I hypothesize that…”
statement. A “testable” hypothesis is something that can be
measured and compared using
formal hypothesis tests like t, Z, Chi-Squared, and ANOVA.
In your Design/Analysis section be sure to say what type of
test you are planning to perform (t,
Z, ? 2 , or F). In your Results section limit your
descriptive statistics to only those that are relevant to the data
needed to investigate the research questions you have chosen
for this project as well as a
statement of your hypothesis test in symbols and the
statistical output from the software you used
to conduct the hypothesis test.
So, In the Results section be sure to list the following for
EACH category of data as well as the
data as a whole. (In the football example you would provide
the following for the offensive
players and the defensive players as well as the team as a
Table of summary statistics including the following:
Mean ( ? )
Standard Deviation ( ? )
Mode (if it exists)
Five-Number-Summary: (Min, Q1, Median, Q3, Max)
Range (= Max – Min)
Interquartile Range (IQR = Q3-Q1)
Bounds for outliers: Lower Bound ¿ ??2.5 ?
Upper Bound ¿ ?+2.5 ?
Histogram (also describe the shape of the distribution near
your histogram)
Boxplot (including fences for outliers if needed, remember
these are)
Lower Fence = Q1 – 1.5xIQR Upper Fence = Q3 + 1.5xIQR
Outliers are marked as stars on the box plot.
Any other charts or graphs you think will be relevant and
helpful to your argument.
Also in the Results section display the following:
You do NOT need to construct any 95% confidence intervals
for this project, only a
formal statement of your hypothesis test using mathematical
symbols. An example it
might look something like this:
H 0 : ? 1=?2
H 1 : ?1 ? ? 2
Use a significance level of ? =.05 when carrying out your
hypothesis tests.
Display the output from the statistical software you used to
carry out your hypothesis test. Make
sure this output includes the following:
Type of test (ie, t, F, Z, ? ¿
Degrees of Freedom (if necessary)
Value of the test statistic
NOTE: Be sure to label your tables and graphs as “Table 1”
and “Figure 3” so they can be
easily referred to in the Discussion section.
In the Discussion section remember that the first paragraph
should be a summary of your
findings from the results section in relation to your
research question. Are your results statistically significant? (This is the
conclusion of your hypothesis test.
Is your p-value less than 0.05, can you reject the null
hypothesis?) Are your results clinically significant? (This is your
interpretation of the conclusion of
your hypothesis test. What do those results mean in the
context of your research
One of the goals of this course is for you to use statistics
as evidence in a larger argument and
this is the section where you get to do that! In APA style,
just like citing sources of information,
you must cite the results of a statistical test. The
following website has some excellent
description about how to do this.
Also address any outliers in your Discussion section. Do you
have any outliers? If so, discuss
them here. Are they plausible? How do they impact your
results? Should they be left out? The Scientific Writing Rubric will be used to
evaluate your paper in final grading by the course
instructor. All sections are appropriate!
Be sure to address all the following areas from the APA
Template. Title Page
Introduction (An “Introduction” heading not used in an APA
manuscript instead the Main Title
from the title page is listed here again and centered. )
Literature Review (optional)
Purpose of Study
Results (see instructions below for elaboration of the
Results section)
Discussion (see instructions below for elaboration of the
Discussion section)
Implication for Practice
References (if any, but not required for this assignment)
Appendix (if needed, i.e. Survey Instrument)
Length: 3 page minimum (including the title page, 12 pt
double spaced, the template is already
formatted like this.)

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