Explain and assess the impact of ethics in the relationship

The paper should be a 1-3 page (no more than 5 page) single-spaced, 12pt font, executive summary of an ethical issue that you research. It should be written in the form of an executive summary. Essentially, you will have to research your topic before writing the summary.It should include the following: explain and assess the impact of ethics in the relationship between international political, economic, social and environmental institutions and systems.1. Introduction, Statement of the Problem–Summary of the problem2. Brief summary of history: who, what, when, etc.3. Process: How did you go about researching your topic? What were the questions asked? What are the ethical issues involved, theories, etc? What stats, data, or observations are available to support your view?4. Findings and implications: What are the consequences, real or projected, of the ethical dilemma to the international system? Why? Are there costs and benefits to the international actors involved? What are they? What are the policy implications?5. Recommendations: What are your conclusions and recommendations about how your issue should be addressed? Is it an ethical dilemma that has a solution? If so, what; if not, why not?6. You should include your citations and a list of references. Your references should be annotated, which means that you give a 1-2 sentence summary of the source.

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