Everest CCJ 4656 – ETHICS A researcher working

Study Guide ETHICS A researcher working for Hi Time prepares a bar chart comparing the number of customersvisiting two competing booths at a fashion trade show. One booth is the Hi Time booth, and the other isfor a competing company, So Cool. First, the chart is prepared as shown here: In preparing for a presentation to the Hi Time Board, the client tells the researcher that the chart doesn’tseem to reflect the improvements made since 2006. Therefore, the researcher prepares the chart asshown here: Study Guide Compare the two charts shown in the text under the Questions for Review and Critical Thinkingsection, Question 9. In preparing for a presentation to the Hi Time board, the client tells theresearcher that the first chart doesn’t seem to reflect the improvements made since 2006.Therefore, the researcher prepares the second chart as shown.Please respond to all of the following prompts: How are these tables used for presenting numerical information? What are some otherways that tables are used for presenting information? What has reformatting the bar chart accomplished? Was it ethical for the client to ask for the bar chart to be redrawn? Explain How would you recommend this data be presented? Provide justification for your answerfrom peer-reviewed resources.

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