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Q1. Table 5.4Quantity of LaborTotal ProductAverage ProductMarginal Product1220233533384320Refer to Table 5.4. What does total product equal when 2 units of labor are used? a. 320 b. 350 c. 335 d. 670Q2. It is possible for a firm to have positive accounting profit and zero economic profit. a. true b. falseQ3. Table 5.3Quantity of WorkersTotal ProductAverage Physical ProductMarginal Physical Product001327312416518618In Table 5.3, the average physical product of the 3rd worker is a. 3. b. 12. c. 5. d. 4.Q4. The marginal physical product of labor declines as long as there is any opportunity cost associated with production of the good. a. true b. falseQ5. Table 5.6QuantityTotal Cost09011152122313241545185Refer to Table 5.6. What is the marginal cost of producing the third unit? a. 25 b. 115 c. 90 d. 10Q6. Table 5.6QuantityTotal Cost09011152122313241545185Refer to Table 5.6. What is the average total cost of producing five units? a. 180 b. 37 c. 31 d. 185Q7. Financial investors prefer to invest their funds in firms that a. steadily earn a high profit. b. have high levels of variable cost and low levels of fixed cost. c. can charge prices above the equilibrium price. d. have high levels of fixed cost and low levels of variable cost.Q8. Table 5.5Total OutputTotal Costs0101182213234245266297338389441051In Table 5.5, the marginal cost of the third unit is a. 2. b. 4. c. 3. d. 1.Q9. Table 5.7QTotal Variable CostAverage Variable CostTotal CostAverage Total Cost1105025090340Refer to Table 5.7. What is the average variable cost of producing two units? a. 25 b. 10 c. 50 d. Not enough information is provided.Q10. Which one of the following is TRUE? a. Marginal cost increases as marginal physical product decreases. b. Marginal cost decreases as marginal product decreases. c. Total cost is the difference between marginal cost and total variable cost. d. Total cost is the sum of marginal cost plus total variable cost.Q11. The perfectly competitive firm will shut down immediately if price falls below average variable cost. a. true b. falseQ12. A single supplier of a good or service for which there is no close substitute is referred to as a(n) a. monopolistic competitor. b. strategic competitor. c. monopoly. d. oligopoly.Q13. In perfect competition, the larger firms will be able to charge a higher price than the smaller firms. a. true b. falseQ14. A company finds that at the MR = MC output level, its total cost is $500, total variable cost is $400, and total revenue is $450. Your advice to the firm is to a. reduce output to reduce the cost of production. b. continue to produce, as total revenue covers total variable cost. c. increase output to reduce the per unit cost of production. d. shut down immediately.Q15. In the short run in perfect competition, a firm will shut down when a. marginal revenue equals marginal cost. b. price is below average total cost. c. price is below average variable cost. d. economic profit is zero.Q16. The perfect competitor a. chooses the profit-maximizing quantity. b. chooses the profit-maximizing price. c. chooses a quantity that will make the most efficient use of his labor and capital resources. d. produces what he thinks can be sold, regardless of cost.Q17. For a monopolist, selling more units requires a. allowing more firms to enter the industry. b. hiring a more productive labor force. c. forming a cartel. d. lowering the selling price.Q18. Which of the following is true of a perfectly competitive firm and a monopoly in the long run? a. P = ATC b. P = MC c. P = MR d. MR = MCQ19. Monopoly implies a. low prices. b. high costs. c. low profits. d. no competition.Q20. For the perfectly competitive firm, price equals marginal revenue. a. true b. falseQ21. Monopolistic competition means a. monopolies from several countries compete in the global market. b. a large number of firms producing differentiated products. c. a large number of firms producing homogeneous products. d. few firms producing differentiated products.Q22. Signaling occurs as part of a. noncooperative behavior. b. advertising. c. price leadership. d. opportunistic behavior.Q23. The monopolistic competitor depicted below would find that which of the following is INCORRECT?”>Figure 7.2 a. The profit maximizing rate of output is indicated by E, where MR intersects MC. b. The demand curve shows that the firm faces a perfectly elastic demand. c. The profit-maximizing rate of output is qe, and the profit maximizing price is P. d. A downward sloping marginal revenue curve lies below the demand curve.Q24. The marginal revenue curve of a monopolistically competitive firm is a. downward sloping and above the demand curve. b. identical to the demand curve as there are many small firms in the market. c. downward sloping and below the demand curve. d. perfectly elastic.Q25. For the monopolistic competitor, which is INCORRECT? a. The profit maximizing rate of output is where the marginal cost curve intersects the marginal revenue curve. b. The marginal revenue curve is downward sloping and lies below the demand curve. c. Because the firm has some control over price, its demand curve slopes downward. d. If the firm in a monopolistically competitive industry were making economic losses, firms would enter the industry.Q26. The industry of fine art auction houses is a. a monopoly. b. monopolistically competitive. c. a duopoly. d. perfectly competitive.Q27. To the extent that a firm has market power, it can force its competitors out of business. a. true b. falseQ28. Monopolistically competitive firms produce a product that is homogeneous. a. true b. falseQ29. Opportunistic behavior is discouraged by the desire to have repeat transactions. a. true b. falseQ30. Price leadership is a form of tacit collusion. a. true b. falseQ31. The first case prosecuted under the Sherman Act was the antitrust case against Microsoft. a. true b. falseQ32. The problem of positive externalities can be addressed by having some firms exit the industry. a. true…[Message clipped] .google…./mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=0c1960dd00&view=lg&msg=1585bd1d4f2fce96″>View entire message

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