Early one morning at work, CEO Alice Johnson

Early one morning at work, CEO Alice Johnson asks if you have
a moment to chat. I need your expertise and advice on a complicated situation
for the company regarding an international hacking lawsuit. In her office,
Alice explains that CyberTech is serving as the cyber forensics consultant for
a law firm handling the suit from a 2015 hack of the Office of Personnel
Management, OPM.
The OPM hack
compromised background information on millions of workers. In a related case
Anomalous, a non-US gray hat hacking group suspected in the OPM breach case, is
claiming that US-based Equation Set attempted to hack its facilities. So we
have a non-US and a US set of test hacker groups involved. With Anomalous, the
non-US group, being a client defendant in one case against Equation Set, the US
group, and as a suspect in the OPM breach.
But Alice then
outlines why the case is problematic. Along with the OPM victims, CyberTech
represents clients from some of the OPM breach suspect companies in unrelated
cases, which could appear to be a conflict of interest. This could affect the
way our company is perceived by others. We need to maintain our image as an
unbiased cyber security consultant.
CyberTech remain on both the OPM breach investigation and the overseas case at
the same time? Or should we drop one of the cases? Apply your critical thinking
and analytical skills to figure out what happened what we know and don’t know,
and how the company might remedy this situation. I’d like a paper by the end of
the week with your recommendations
Step 1: Prepare to Think Critically
In this first step,
you will prepare to respond to your boss’s request for an analysis of a problem
in your organization. You realize that this will require careful thinking. So,
you take some time to review the process and to engage in Critical Thinking and
When you have
completed the critical thinking exercises, you will move on to the next step:
identifying the problem.
Step 2: Identify the Problem
Now that you’re prepared to think critically, it’s time to
analyze the situation. Remember the direction from your CEO is to analyze the
situation and advise on the two lawsuits.
Suggested area to focus on is to determine if a conflict of
interest would exist in handling the two cases that might be related, and
advise how to proceed.
Outline the points that you want to make in the first two
sections of your paper (introduction, explanation) and draft those sections.
Next, it’s time to analyze the information.
Step 3: Analyze the Information
Now that you have some understanding of the nature of the breach
and the parties involved, it’s time to gather and analyze information. The
Problem Analysis resources will further aid your analysis and development of
the third section of your paper.
Outline the points that you want to make in Section 3: Analysis of the
Information of your paper, and draft that section.
In the following step, you will consider other viewpoints,
conclusions, and solutions.
Step 4: Consider and Analyze Other Viewpoints, Conclusions, and
Once you have completed your analysis of the incident, the next
step is to analyze alternative viewpoints, conclusions, and solutions. To do
this you will need to apply Ethical Decision-Making and Reasoning. Also highly
recommended, Randolph Pherson’s “.equella.ecollege…./file/bf300325-e42d-47a7-bb9d-5a543df1fae3/1/TheFiveHabitsoftheMasterThinker.pdf”>The
Five Habits of the Master Thinker,” a paper written for
intelligence analysts, but applicable to all analytical thinking and reasoning.
Outline the points that you want to make in Section 4: Analysis of Alternative
Viewpoints, Conclusions, or Solutions of your paper, and draft that
When you are finished, move to the next step, which involves
developing conclusions.
Step 5: Develop Well-Reasoned Conclusions
You considered alternative viewpoints in the last step. Now
you’re ready to develop your personal conclusions and suggest remedies so that
your boss is well-equipped to brief leadership about the situation.
Remember, you will need to consult outside references (at least
one reputable outside resource) related to the topic to support your
conclusions and proposed decisions.
Now, outline your argument and draft the final sections. You are
preparing a paper for your boss, and you will submit it in the final step.
Step 6: Submit Critical Thinking Paper
In addition to the work from all the previous steps, your final
deliverable will include a cover sheet with your name. You should also include
a references page with citations in APA format.
Review the.equella.ecollege…./file/bf300325-e42d-47a7-bb9d-5a543df1fae3/1/FormatRequirements.pdf”>format
requirements to be sure the paper is complete, and then submit it to the
assignment folder.

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