Do you think that you possess Emotional Intelligence

Your emotional intelligence- Do you think that you possess Emotional Intelligence (EI) at work? Using the text, cite several specific examples where you see yourself as an emotionally intelligent leader. Also consider where you might have some improvement areas. Conclude with suggestions of how you might work on these. You can use the self-assessment we did in class to support your thoughts.Profread and also need to organize in good essay formatsEmotional Intelligence plays an important role in our workplace and live. It is the ability that helps us to communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts. Our emotional Intelligence affects the physical and mental healthy performance. A bad performance at work shows the lack emotional Intelligence. For example, a physician emotional intelligence can be identified by how he /she take to the patient. EI components are self-awareness, social skill, and self-management. Social skill is the “keystone” Goleman 47Goleman mentioned EI si defined know feel and judge others. It is very important for us to develop emotion intelligence because we come to acrosse day life. Basically, Emotional intelligence guides our thinking and action. After i changed my emotional Intelligence with empathy toward my colleague soon I see the result of their action toward me. We can measure our emotion I by several tools such as self-assessment, emotional I assessment. According to my Emotional assessment shows that i have the good relationship with some of my colleague. For us to understand our EI first we need to understand our strength and weakness to build self-awareness. There are certain where I pose my emotional in such as motivation and empathy but areas I need to improve listening and social skill.Working with different race made to understand other people condition and feeling.For example where I came from is the third world country lack of …..Basically, we need put our self in other people shoes.empty help us to increase our behavior. Having empathy at work and make us human of who in touch with other significantly. I remember how one of my college mom dies in Africa and our coworker has to leave his mom funeral but he didn’t have money to buy the tickets, our owe chip in $50 to buy him the tickets. We as human sometimes don’t have the patient to others, that is time define us how we can control our and sense of empathy. Goleman the author of working with emotion womena…………………..324Bill Clinton famous quoteSecond, motivations tendency…………….. Goleman 26 The performer has always motivation on they doing. One my success through my career my motivation always poses at my job. I remember got promoted for manager assistant that was my motivation to achieve and be engines at my work. As soon I became the manger had to motivate other workers in the company. The first thing I did as manager add the bonus for each employee it the jb gets done on time or the sell get the increase. Motivated people always do great jobs because they love what they doing. I did what i like so that give me tremendous motivation to go work 20 minutes earlier there is Indian saying ……..Goleman 111We can motivate ourself at by feedback, some extra bonus and become the best performer in the company. Listening is important as speaking in the wokring area.Good listener and communicator are one of the characteristics emotional Intelligence. Best listen has an advantage when it comes to fallow instructions or talking the boss. A good listener always to agree with a speaker but being respectfully is important. The key to succeeding in education and workplace is listening skills. I remember many times I heard form my boss “ you are not listening to me” then my colleague was the critique on my listening skill too. For so long I was not not a good listener. As time past I improve my listening skill. Good listen always has eye contact with speaker and listen at same time. Listening skill ……………Goleman 176I can improve my listening skill by listening with empathy and engage with a speaker. Last, Social skill another Emotional In traits that facilitated interaction communication with others. Social skill could be body language, personal appearance. I have to admit that my social skill needs improvement. For example, Most of the time I don’t want to attend in social parties or fund raiser. Whish shows the lack of my social skill. Being social not it is beneficial to our job and personal life. One of the virtue of ……. Goleman 209The better social skill the more we can sale. Social skill is “…………….. Goleman 27We can manage and negotiate at work by having social skill. In order to improve my social skill, I need share communicate and attend to social events.

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