Cunningham’s Pop produces bottled cola and uses a process cost

You must enable macros in order fo Please visit the Microsoft Office Support sit Contact the World Campus Helpdesk s in order for this assignment to function. e Support site for documentation and instructions. us Helpdesk if you continue to have trouble. . Process CostingCunningham’s Pop produces bottled cola and uses a process costsystem. Cunningham’s has two processes, Mixing and Bottling. At theend of February, Cunningham’s compiled the following information forthe Mixing Department: Cost of beginning work in process:Direct materials $ Conversion costsCosts incurred during the period:Direct materialsConversion costsDirect laborFactory overhead 73,12199,100 $ Unit information:Beginning work in process inventoryUnits started during the periodUnits completed and transferred out 166,54181,75055,686 38,80060,67453,866 Units completed and transferred out:Materials are added at the beginning of the processConversion cost % complete Required:Prepare a production cost report for the Mixing Department for themonth of February. (Round all calculations to two decimal places) 39% Use the ar (*Note: Your instru Cunningham’s PopProduction Cost Report – Mixing DepartmentFor the month ending February 28, 2017Costs charged to ProductionCost of beginning work in process: Costs incurred during the period Total costs to account forUnit information:Units to account for: Units accounted for: Total units to account for Total units accounted for Equivalent units of production (EUP)Direct materials Conversion costsEquivalent units completed and transferred outEnding work in process inventoryEquivalent units of production Cost per equivalent unit of productionDirect materialsCost of beginning work in processCosts incurred during the periodTotal costsEquivalent units of productionCost per equivalent unitCost assignment and reconciliationCosts of units completed and transferred out Costs of units completed this period Conversion costs Costs of ending inventory Cost of ending work in process inventoryTotal costs to account for Use the area below to show your work and calculations.(*Note: Your instructor may use this area to help review and resolve any incorrect answers) partment, 2017 counted for: ts accounted for calculations. ny incorrect answers)

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