Columbia BIO 1 – This organ helps with fat digestion

21. This organ helps with fat digestion and absorption.a) Pancreasb) Gall bladderc) Liverd) Kidneyse) b and c22. Which of the below is (are) a fat soluble vitamin(s)?a) Ab) Dc) Ed) Ke) all listedMatching (For questions #23 through# 27 answer with one of the below terms):Small Intestinesb) Large Intestinesc) Liverd) Stomache) Esophagus27. Cirrhosis is caused by?a) Drugsb) Obesityc) Alcohol consumptiond) Toxinse) Sexual activity29. Hepatitis is caused by?a) Drugsb) Alcohol consumptionc) Toxinsd) Sexual activitye) a, c and d30. Nutrition labels include(s):a) Vitaminsb) Fiberc) Cholesterold) a and b e) all listed31. Chemical testing of urine samples can be a diagnostic tool to find what?a) Sugarb) Cancerc) pHd) a and b e) all listed32. Our body has the ability to reabsorb Glucose at what percentage?a) 85%b) 95%c) 98%d) 100%Matching (For questions #33 through#37 answer with one of the below terms):a) Metabolic acidosisb) Metabolic alkalosisc) Kidneyd) Bladdere) Kidney stones33. Bodies severe increase in pH34. Removes metabolic waste35. Urine storage36. Deposits of uric acid and calcium salts37. Bodies severe decrease in pH38. Polycystic kidney disease can cause:a) Dialysisb) Urinary infectionsc) Kidny failured) a and ce) all listed39. The kidneys filter out Blood cells, platelets, and proteins.a) Trueb) False40. What below can cause kidney harm?a) Heroinb) Aspirinc) Acetaminophend) a and ce) all listed

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