BUSI 681 Fall 2016 Quiz 4

When interacting with the customer, it is important that the project managerThe following are ways a project manager can manage a customer’s expectations and perceptions EXCEPTIn project negotiation each negotiator is out to win as much as he or she can for their side. FALSEAdvantages of outsourcing project work may likely include all of the following except?A) Shortened project completionB) Reduced costsC) Higher level of expertiseD) Reduced conflictE) Increased flexibilityWhich of the following is suggested as the best target for a customer satisfaction ratio?Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure that cohesion and cooperation are not undermined and the parties involved will be satisfied when the project is complete? A. Long-term outsourcing relationships B. Good negotiation practices C. Well-established conflict management processes in place D. Frequent review and status updates E. Fair and incentive-laden contractsWhen considering principled negotiation, keeping focus on the issues even when people become upset, frustrated, and even angry is an example ofWhen considering principled negotiation, both buyers and sellers relying on the blue book to establish price parameters of a used car would be an example ofA value of 1.5 is the accepted target for the Met-Expectations model of customer satisfaction.Principled negotiation emphasizes developing win/win solutions while protecting yourself against those who would take advantage of your forthrightness. Which of the following is NOT one of the key points of principled negotiation? A) Use objective criteria when possible B) Be honest and forthright C) Focus on interests, not positions D) Separate the people from the problem E) Invent options for mutual gain1. Successful firms are very careful in selecting the work to be outsourced. If expectations and requirements are fuzzy or open to debate, working together can become very difficult. The following are ways to clarify requirements and procedures EXCEPT A. Make sure that different firms’ project management systems are integrated B. Contract only work with clearly defined deliverables with measurable outcomes C. Establish who has access to certain information through robust safeguards D. Make sure communication is well structured and interactions are managed to avoid confusion E. Document your requirementsThe best defense against unreasonable, win/lose negotiators is having what Fisher and U try call a strong BATNAIt is a good idea to add a penalty clause to an outsourcing agreement … To ensure that outsourced work is completed on timeMathematically, customer satisfaction is a function of the extent to which perceived performance exceeds expectations. A customer satisfaction ratio of .95 indicates that a customer is A) Very satisfied B) Slightly satisfied C) Neutral. Expectations were met D) Slightly dissatisfied E) Very dissatisfiedWhich of the following is true in regard to negotiation when managing projects? A) It is a competitive contest B) Each negotiator should win as much as he or she can for his or her side C) If project managers are not able win negotiations, they will not be seen as effective leaders D) Success is measured by how much is gained compared to the other party E) It cannot be viewed as a contestIn regard to outsourcing, the MOST effective way to avoid problems with schedules and deadlines is toWhich of the following is part of the traditional approach to managing contracted relationships? A) Structured communications B) Long-term commitment C) Total company involvement D) Shared risk E) Mutual trustWhen considering principled negotiation, when one person identifies options that are of low cost to them but of high interest to the other party, this is an example ofPrincipled negotiation emphasizes developing win/win solutions while protecting yourself against those who would take advantage of your forthrightnessThe result of teambuilding among the project’s participants that states their common goals for the project as well as the procedures that will be used to achieve these goals is a A) Signed contract B) Legal partnership agreement C) Project plan D) Partnering charter E) Responsibility matrixIn some countries, laws are considered to be guidelines that are not necessarily followed.In order to keep the customer happy and to keep perceptions about performance high, it is acceptable to falsely assure customers that everything is on track, especially if you feel that the problem will be resolved soon.When separating the people from the problem, negotiators don’t react to the emotional outburst, but try to find the issues that triggered it.Key practices in the partnering approach to managing contracted relationships includeOutsourced projects are susceptible to conflicts since people are unaccustomed to working together. Which of the following is a primary control mechanism for dealing with and resolving problems? A) Arbitration B) Escalation C) Collaboration D) Mediation E) RegulationWhen you call your Internet provider to solve a technical problem and you end up talking to a technician in India or Romania, you have just experiencedThe transferring of business functions or processes to other companies has traditionally been known as A) Subcontracting B) Downsizing C) Partnering D) Joint venture E) OutsourcingA partnering charter states the common goals for the project as well as the procedures that will be used to achieve these goals.Participants from different organizations working close together at the construction site or in shared office space is an example of a virtual team.

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