Briefly explain the organization’s problems and how your company

This will be a 4 page paper, double spaced with at least 5 peer reviewed sources. Your focus is on organizational change. You will direct your paper to the client. Be sure to follow the directions, use headings in your paper for better organization, and include the following in your paper:1) Briefly explain the organization’s problems and how your company will help in the achievement of the organizations’ goals.(Organization that will be utilized is Samsung, please ensure that this paper is focused on Samsung’s lack of innovation Ex, Apple Lawsuit, and decreased reputation or product confidence Ex, exploding phones and now washers and dryers.)2) Identify a major organizational change that will have implications for the organization’s culture and leadership. What are the some of the forces that are driving this change in the organization (Internal-Lack of innovation, External- Reputation)3) Choose the best change theory for the desired outcome, and apply the change theory to your organization.Thesis- For Samsung Electronics to maintain its dominant presence in the global electronics market, it is essential for the company to face this challenge and scrutinize the organizations culture to find explanations for its lack of innovation and technological issues in recent years.Please utilize APA format for this paper.

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