Assignment – Select a database from NCHS or complete

Assignment Online Database or Online Query-Based ReportDetails:Select a database from NCHS or complete a query using CDC WISQARS.Select a specific health concern or injury using the population of your choice. Be sure not to limityour query so you have enough data to evaluate, and include a substantial time frame so you areable to identify trends.Submit a 750-1,000 word report that provides an overview the database or query results. Thereport should consist of a demographic description of the chosen population including a reviewof noticeable trends in morbidity and/or mortality by race, gender, and geographic location wherespecified.Based on the results and possible trends, present the implications for public health interventionor involvement.In your report, include considerations of basic ethical and legal principles pertaining to thecollection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of epidemiologic data. As Chapter 13 of the textdescribes, focus on privacy and security issues surrounding protected health information andhow HIPAA protects the confidentiality of the patient. Consider the ethical implications ofwhether public health organizations have too much latitude in the use and dissemination ofepidemiologic data….e examples and evidence to support your report.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in theStudent Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment tobecome familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in theStudent Success Center. Grading RubricsOnline Database or Online Query-Based Report1Unsatisfactory0.00%70.0 %HLT605 OnlineDatabase orOnline QueryBased ReportRubricA specific15.0 %Demographic health concernDescription of or injury for apopulation isSelectednotPopulationrepresented, ora demographicdescription ofthe selectedpopulation isnot presented. 2Less thanSatisfactory74.00% 3Satisfactory79.00% 4Good87.00% 5Excellent100.00% A specific health A specific health A specific health A specific healthconcern or injury concern orconcern orconcern or injuryfor a choseninjury for ainjury for afor a chosendemographic is chosenchosendemographic isbrieflydemographic is demographic is presented. Asummarized. The presented. The presented. The thoroughdemographicdemographicdemographicdescription of thedescription ofdescription ofdescription ofdemographicthe selectedthe selectedthe selecteddescription of thepopulation ispopulation ispopulation isselectedincomplete and complete, butcomplete, some population iscontainslacks significant additionalcomplete. Theinaccuracies.supportivedetails orreport includesdetails andevidence isrelevant detailsevidence toneeded to fully and is stronglysupport claims. support claims. supported byevidence.No criteria for Only someMost criteria for Criteria forCriteria for15.0 %noticeablecriteria fornoticeablenoticeablenoticeable trendsNoticeabletrends werenoticeable trends trends weretrends werewere thoroughlyTrends Indiscussedlocation werediscusseddiscusseddiscussedMorbidity(morbiditydiscussed(morbidity(morbidity(morbidity and/orand/orMortality by and/or mortality (morbidity and/or and/or mortality and/or mortality mortality by race,by race, gender, by race, gender, gender, andRace, Gender, by race, gender, mortality byand geographic race, gender, and and geographic and geographic geographicandlocation).geographiclocation). Thelocation). Thelocation). TheGeographiclocation). Thediscussion ofdiscussion ofdiscussion ofLocationdiscussion oftrends is vague, trends istrends is clear,Wheretrends iscontainspresented, but and strongSpecifiedincomplete and inaccuracies or needs additional evidence iscontainslacks substantial detail orpresented to fullyinaccuracies.evidence to fully evidence to fully support claims. support claims.Report results Report resultsReport results Report results Report results20.0 %and trends are and trends are and trends areImplications and trends are and trends arenot analyzed to only partiallyused in theused in theclearly used infor Publicdetermine the used in theanalysis toanalysis tothe analysis toHealthdetermine the determine the determine theIntervention implications for analysis topublic healthdetermine theimplications for implications for implications fororpublic healthpublic healthInvolvement intervention; a implications for public healthpublic healthpublic healthintervention.intervention.intervention. TheBased onintervention is intervention. The The analysis is The analysisanalysis providesResults andnot presented. analysis isgeneral, andrequires more sufficientTrendsincomplete and contains some evidence orevidence and does not offersupport for theimplicationspresented. inaccuracies;details to fully details to fullythe implications support thesupport thepresented forimplicationsimplicationspublic healthpresented forpresented forintervention are public healthpublic healthnot relevant for intervention for intervention forthe demographicthethe demographicpresented.demographicpresented.presented.Report does not Report explores Report generally Report explores Report explores,20.0 %some ethical and explores thethe ethical and in-depth, theConsideration explore thelegal principals ethical and legal legal principals ethical and legalof Ethical and ethical andlegal principals pertaining to the principalspertaining toprincipalsLegalpertaining tocollection,pertaining to the the collection, pertaining to thePrincipalsmaintenance,collection,Pertaining to the collection, maintenance, use collection,maintenance,andmaintenance,use andmaintenance, usetheuse anddissemination of use anddissemination of andCollection,dissemination of epidemiologic dissemination ofMaintenance, dissemination of epidemiologicepidemiologic data.epidemiologicdata.epidemiologicUse andConsiderations data.Considerations data.Dissemination data.discussed do not Considerations discussedConsiderationsofdemonstrate an discusseddemonstrate an discussedEpidemiologicunderstanding of demonstrate a understanding demonstrate anDatathe significance generalof the ethical or exceptionalof the ethical or understanding legal aspectsunderstanding oflegal aspectsof the ethical or involved withthe ethical orinvolved withlegal aspectsepidemiologic legal aspectsepidemiologicinvolved withdata.involved andEffectivenessThesis and/orThesis and/orThesis and/or7.0 % Thesis Paper lacks any Thesis and/ormain claim are main claim are main claim are main claim areDevelopment discernibleapparent andclear andcomprehensive;and Purpose overall purpose insufficientlyor organizingdeveloped and/or appropriate to forecast thecontained withinclaim.vague; purpose ispurpose.development of the thesis is thenot clear.the paper. It is essence of thedescriptive and paper. Thesisreflective of the statement makesarguments and the purpose ofappropriate to the paper clear.the purpose.20.0%Organization andEffectivenessParagraphs and SomeParagraphs are A logicalThere is a8.0 %transitionsparagraphs and generallyprogression of sophisticatedParagraphtransitions may competent, but ideas between construction ofDevelopment consistentlylack unity and lack logicalideas may show paragraphs isparagraphs andandcoherence. No progression ofsomeapparent.transitions. IdeasTransitionsapparentideas, unity,inconsistency in Paragraphsprogress andconnectionscoherence,organizationexhibit a unity, relate to eachbetweenand/orand/or in their coherence, and other. Paragraphparagraphs are cohesiveness.relationships to cohesiveness.and transitionestablished.Some degree of each other.Topic sentences constructionTransitions are organization isand concluding guide the reader.inappropriate to evident.remarks areParagraph purpose andscope.Organization isdisjointed. appropriate topurpose. structure isseamless. 20.0%Organization andEffectivenessSurface errors Frequent andSomeProse is largely Writer is clearly5.0 %repetitivemechanicalfree ofin command ofMechanics of are pervasiveenough thatmechanicalerrors or typos mechanicalstandard, written,Writingthey impedeerrors distractare present, but errors, although academic(includescommunication the reader.are not overlya few may beEnglish.spelling,Inconsistencies distracting topresent. Thepunctuation, of meaning.Inappropriate in languagethe reader.writer uses agrammar,choice (register) Correct andvariety oflanguage use) word choiceand/or sentence and/or wordvaried sentence effectiveconstruction are choice arestructure andsentenceused.present.audiencestructures andSentenceappropriatefigures ofstructure islanguage arespeech.correct but not employed.varied.10.0 %FormatTemplate is not Template is used, Template isTemplate is fully All format5.0 % Paperbut someused, andused; There are elements areFormat (Use usedformatting isvirtually nocorrect.of appropriate appropriately or elements arecorrect,errors instyle for the documentation missing orformat is rarely mistaken; lack of although some formatting style.major andcontrol withminor errorsassignment) followedcorrectly.formatting ismay be present.apparent.Sources are not Documentation Sources areSources areSources are5.0 %of sources isdocumented, as documented, as completely andDocumentatio documented.inconsistentappropriate to appropriate to correctlyn of Sourcesand/or incorrect, assignment and assignment and documented, as(citations,as appropriate to style, although style, andappropriate tofootnotes,assignment and some formatting format is mostly assignment andreferences,style, witherrors may, and formatbibliography, free of error.etc., asformattingappropriate toerrors.assignmentand style)100 % TotalWeightage

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