Assignment requires Microsoft Visio for the UML Diagragms

Assignment requires Microsoft Visio for the UML Diagragms. Paper is to be Arial 12 pt, doubled spaced, 3-4 pages and also a reference page and in-text citationsAssignment 1USER STORIESApply the Scrum process to create user stories for a given scenario, including those for chat, instant messaging, user rank, and high-score functionality. In addition, create an architectural style to complete the software architecture.Authors Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods (2011) state, “An architectural scenario is a crisp, concise description of a situation that the system is likely to face in its production environment, along with a definition of the response required by the system” (p. 10). In UML, use cases and sequence diagrams are used to illustrate the textual scenario as a picture. You will explore the textual and graphical ways to use scenarios in a software architecture. Also, the Scrum process uses user stories; these provide a strong template in which to document the user scenarios.A software architect explores typical architectural styles and patterns for complex enterprise software systems. Common existing architectural styles and patterns represent best practices for the design of complex software systems. Software architects should review existing architectural styles and patterns so they do not to start from the beginning each time they create a new system. Software architects should consider using common styles and patterns when applicable to the current situation. If the existing architectural style does not fit, the architect must create his or her own style.Reference:Rozanski, N., & Woods, E. (2011). Software systems architecture: Working with stakeholders using viewpoints and perspectives (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:Competency 2: Explain fundamental concepts and principles of software architecture.Explain the architectural style necessary to complete the software architecture….petency 3: Create a software and data architecture for an organization.Create a use case diagrams for each user story….petency 4: Apply collaboration strategies in the software architecture process.Apply the Scrum process to create user stories….petency 5: Communicate effectively….municate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of professional communitiesFor this assessment, apply one part of the Scrum process to the Fantasy Games scenario: the creation of user stories. The user stories become the product backlog of the Scrum process. The Scrum process is one of the more successful software-architecture processes used today.PreparationTo begin, read the following Fantasy Games scenario:Fantasy Games ScenarioThe CIO of Fantasy Games has hired your consulting company to design Fantasy’s software architecture. The company is adding a new game titled Asteroids to its catalog and intends to build a multiplayer environment for this new game. You must add an entirely new subcomponent to their existing Web community in order to support this game, and you must create a software architecture proposal for this new subsystem. As part of your proposal, Fantasy asks you to develop a single-player, working prototype of the game itself.The Fantasy Games community currently has 1.2 million users, and they expect that user activity will grow tremendously with the addition of this new environment. Your design must be flexible enough to accommodate the current number of users, plus all anticipated and unanticipated future growth.The Asteroids Web component, or subsystem, for this game should include many of the same features found on other popular online gaming sites such as chat, instant messaging, user-rank functionality, and high-score display. Although Fantasy Games currently has a few other multiplayer games available within their overall community, they would like this project to set the new standards for how similar subsystems will be added in the future.DirectionsCreate a 3–4-page professional paper in which you complete the following:Apply the Scrum process to create user stories for the Fantasy Games scenario. You must create user stories for chat, instant messaging, user-rank functionality, and the high score display for the Web subsystem functions. You may benefit from completing research on the Internet and in the Capella library to learn how these functions are used in other gaming sites….plete the following:Use the User Story Template linked in the Resources to create user stories (at least four) for the following functions:Chat.Instant messaging….er rank.High-score functionality.Create use-case diagrams for the user stories created for chat, instant messaging, user-rank functionality, and high-score display. A use-case diagram is a pictorial view of each user story.Choose an architectural style to complete the software architecture.Explain this style.

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